About Me

I am Danny

Born in 1989 and raised in a small town in Denmark. Danny started playing guitar at the age of 8. Pretty soon he joined the local band (yes there was only 1 band in the town). Fast forward to 2006; Danny signs his first record deal as a guitar player of the band Dúné. After a successful first record, the Band signs a deal with Sony Music Germany and in 2009 the Group decides to move to Berlin.


After 3 Records, hundreds of shows in Europe, USA, Russia and Japan, Danny decided to quit the Band to pursue other interest. It wasn’t until studying business in 2014 (and really missing doing something creative), that Danny started seriously pursuing photography. After photographing friends and family, he quickly moved on to smaller bands and artists. A couple of years later Danny is working as a full-time photographer out of Berlin with Clients such as FILA, Sony Music, Telekom, SEAT, Levi’s, Tobis Film, Festivals and countless Actors and musical artists. In 2020 Danny brought out his first Photo-book “CHOICES” featuring portrait work of people, musicians and actors.


The newest field in Danny’s repertoire is directing. Always being fascinated by moving images, Danny had his first experiences with film working with Musical artists on tour. He quickly realized that conceptual work and directing was what felt natural to him in the world of moving images.


Danny believes that the combination of directing and photography creates synergies. Not only in conceptual phases, but also in the execution of projects. A clear and strong visual language is key and what better way to achieve that, than having one language in moving and still images.